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NTSE for class 10

The NTSE result has been announced and it made many students sad and and a few happy

Out of approximately 4500 students selected for the second level , 1000 have been selected and the rest of the students' dream has been shattered.
Even for the first level more than 2,00,000 appear and this means that only 1 student in every 200 students is selected for NTSE. This makes the other students lose confidence and makes them think that they have lost one of the best chance in their lives to be successful. So here's an idea- let's request NCERT for the reintroduction of NTSE for class 10. The students who weren't selected in class 8 will get another chance. It is not so that a request will not be considered. The removal of interview in NTSE was also someone's idea. So let's all of us start requesting humbly to NCERT. There's no problem in requesting.

Just email NCERT at this email - ntse.ncert@yahoo.in

or call them at this number 011 - 26560464

and request them humbly. Tell them that you have called or emailed to request for the reintroduction of NTSE for class 10.
You can mention some points-
  • Most students start their preparation 2 or 3 years ago.
  • Even 1 mark below the cut-off leads to not being selected.
  • It's only fair to give the children another chance to prove their talent.
  • Since NTSE was held in class 10 two years ago , there is no problem in starting it again.
  • Getting selected in NTSE can make the future of a child brighter.
Your one request can change your future!

So their is no need to wait , just sign in to your email accounts and request.
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